Integrative, Individualized Naturopathic Healthcare

Bodhi Naturopathic invites you to engage in a new concept of integrative and natural health.

Based on functional and integrative medicine,  Dr. Sarah Zambarano's approach is a blend of holistic and Western medicine.  Her experiences as a nurse and Naturopathic Doctor inspired her to go beyond the common model of healthcare and strive for something better.  Dr. Zambarano's method of addressing illness encompasses the mind, body, and soul for a truly integrative approach to medicine.

"The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."


Natural Herbs

Understanding a person’s individual nutritional needs, genetics factors and lifestyle allows us to create a protocol for healing that is effective and achievable.  Dr. Zambarano believes that health decline is NOT a normal part of aging and pain is not inevitable.  The body strives for balance.  By paying attention to your symptoms, we look to understand the signals your body is sending and work together to correct underlying issues.  

Patients present with a variety of issues including fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, hormonal problems, digestive concerns, insomnia, depression and anxiety, and chronic pain.   They often wish to minimize their use of prescription drugs and pain medications while moving towards more holistic treatments including dietary interventions, herbal medicines, and nutritional therapies.

Our approach to health care includes herbal remedies, targeted vitamin supplementation, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle interventions.  With time and commitment, you can achieve your health goals.

Dr. Sarah Zambarano RN, ND works with a team of holistic health care providers including acupuncturists and massage therapists, and collaborates with a variety of local health care professionals.

Bodhi Naturopathic is located on Hope Street in Niantic. We serve the communities of East Lime, Waterford, New London, Norwich, Salem, Old Lyme, Groton, and Stonington.