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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine combines the testing, interview and treatment techniques of both Naturopathic and Western medicine.  It encompasses the philosophy of not only treating illness, but exploring and addressing the underlying causes of disease while respecting the uniqueness of each patient.  I combine the knowledge and skill I have gained from many years of nursing with the holistic philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine to provide truly comprehensive, integrative care for my patients.  

Maintaining health is a journey that is lifelong.  I enjoy learning about the unique lives and experiences of each of my patients, and believe that a great health care is based on a long-term relationship built on mutual respect, trust, and collaboration. 

What ShouId I Expect at My Visits?

First office visits last approximately 45-50 minutes and include an extensive, in-depth interview, preliminary lab orders, an initial individualized protocol, and physical exam when needed.  Intake forms are to be completed in the portal prior to first visits so that we can be best ready to address your most important health concerns.


Follow up visits are approximately 30 minutes in length and include discussion of lab results and a further refined individualized protocol. Once a protocol has been initiated, periodic follow-up visits are scheduled to allow for re-evaluation of patient needs and to monitor progress.  Referrals to collaborating providers or specialists are also made if required.  

Acute care visits are available for established patients only.  We recommend all patients have a separate primary care provider for annual exams and routine screenings.

What Conditions Do You Treat?

In our type of medicine, we don't treat conditions, we treat people.  We are happy to help with any health challenges and illness that our patients may be experiencing.  Common treatments include women's health, hormonal concerns, stress support, thyroid disorders, healthy weight management, auto-immune disease support, and treatment of endocrine and metabolic disturbances.  Depending upon the needs and preferences of the patient, treatment modalities may include nutritional counseling, nutrient and herbal supplementation, prescription medications, lifestyle interventions, and coordination of care through imaging and referrals. 

Insurance, Billing, & One-Time Administrative Fee

We are currently in-network with most Aetna & Cigna insurance plans. For all other health care plans, we are considered out-of-network.


For patients with health care coverage for whom we are considered out-of-network, payment is due at the time of service.  We understand that navigating insurance benefits can sometimes be complex, especially when seeking medical care from out-of-network providers. Our office is committed to assisting you in receiving the possible reimbursement you may be eligible for through your insurance company's out-of-network benefits. If you are unsure of your out-of-network benefits, we are happy to help in getting an explanation of these benefits whenever possible.  Once service is completed and payment is received, we will submit your paid invoice and necessary billing information to your insurance company in order to simplify the process for you.  

Please be aware that reimbursement amounts vary based on your insurance policy, services received, and your specific plan's out-of-network benefits.  While we are happy to assist you in the process, and decisions regarding reimbursement are ultimately made by your insurance company. 

For all patients, we require that a card of your choice be kept on file to be used for deductibles, copays, and non-covered services. HSA/FSA cards may be used to pay for visit costs, copays, and deductibles.  All payments are made through a secure, HIPAA-compliant patient portal. Payments due will be billed to the card on file.  We are unable to offer payment plans.  

We are considered an "ordering and prescribing" (out-of-network) provider for both Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare. While those policies do not cover visit fees, we are able to order labs, testing, and medication for patients with those insurances. Secondary policies for Medicare vary in their coverage for visits. If you have questions about their coverage, please contact your insurance provider directly for more information. 

Please note:  Effective 1/25/23, there is a $75 one-time administrative fee for all patients scheduling their first visits.  This allows us to prepare for your visit, verify insurance coverage, and ensure your information is processed and correct within our electronic health records system.  Billing will be completed through the secure patient portal at the time your appointment is made.  

For billing purposes, we have attached our pricing and fee schedule.  Please see the link below:

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