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Medicinal Herbs


FullScript Supplements

Patients will receive an invitation to our online dispensary at their first office visit.  A copy of your recommended supplement protocol will be included.

X-Ray Results

Patient Portal & App

Upon making an appointment with our office, patients are invited to join the Charm Health Patient Portal.  The portal allows the patient to send secure emails,  have access to completed labs, and see instructions and recommendations from their visits.  We ask that all patients use this portal to allow for a more efficient health care process.

Charm mPHR apps are available on Apple and Google app stores.

Affiliate Discounts

Feast & Fettle discount, 50% off your first week with code _CTBODHINATUROPATHICXX

A quick note: While this is a commissionable link, we only recommend products and companies that we believe can genuinely benefit our patients and subscribers, and who meet our high standards for quality and integrity.

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