Healthy Diet

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

Diet and nutrition are the cornerstones of health.  I work with each patient to develop an individualized nutrition plan to encourage optimal metabolism, digestion, and health.  Lifestyle counseling is also provided.


Functional & Traditional Laboratory Testing

Both traditional and specialty lab testing are used to obtain a comprehensive picture of a patient's wellness.  These tests allow in-depth evaluation of health and nutritional status, and provide the opportunity to create a truly individualized treatment plan.

Herbal Medicine

Vitamins, Herbal Supplements & Medications

I use professional-grade, high quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies and optimize the body's function at a cellular level.  Patients are provided with an online dispensary link to order their recommended nutritional supplements.  When needed, prescription medication can also be provided as part of the healthcare plan.