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Healthy Diet

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

Diet and nutrition are the cornerstones of health. 

Dr. Zambarano works with each patient to develop an individualized nutrition plan to encourage optimal metabolism, digestion, and health.  We look for sensitivities, allergies, and digestive issues that impact the way your body uses the food you eat.  For those who need more guidance, menu planning is available.  For patients who prefer prepared meals, we offer resources for healthy, pre-made meal services that fit everyone's unique preferences.

Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, exercise, emotional health and social support are also addressed.


Functional & Traditional Laboratory Testing

Both traditional and specialty lab testing are used to obtain a comprehensive picture of a person's wellness.  These tests allow in-depth evaluation of health and nutritional status, and provide the opportunity to create a truly individualized treatment plan.  

We've recently added testing such as continuous glucose monitoring and hormone tracking technology to our practice to provide even more precision in diagnosis and treatment.

Herbal Medicine

Vitamins, Herbal Supplements & Medications

We use professional-grade, high quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies and optimize the body's function at a cellular level.  Patients are provided with an online dispensary link to order their recommended nutritional supplements.  When needed, prescription medication can also be provided as part of the healthcare plan.  

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