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Now Introducing: NAUTILUS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE! (and why we changed our name)

Bodhi Naturopathic has been my "baby" for a very long time now. I knew from years in the medical field that there was a better way to offer medical care. I have been working hard for the past 13 years to provide that better care on my own terms, outside of the corporate, impersonal system that medicine has become. I started Bodhi Naturopathic to deliver that better care to my patients. However, as often happens, that baby grew, changed and evolved to something more - more and better than even I had hoped.

It's been a few years now that as both a naturopathic doctor and a nurse practitioner I've been integrating the testing, philosophies, and treatments of both the naturopathic and traditional medicine worlds. One could look at these as very different types of medical care, and many people do. However, I see them as different sides of the same coin that is comprehensive health care. I believe that we are fortunate to have ALL of the tools to help us. As I have lived/worked within both worlds of medicine for a very long time (I'm a Libra, I like that balance), I feel this in-between space is where I truly belong - weaving together the best of both medicines and helping people navigate their health with everything we have available to us. It allows me to provide truly individualized, integrative plans for patients to achieve and maintain wellness, and I am so privileged to see my patients thrive. Recently, I finally felt it was time to change the name and location of my practice in order to better reflect how it has grown and the services that I am able to provide.

Now, why did I choose the name Nautilus? For a couple of reasons. A nautilus is a sea creature that has been around for over 400 million years. These animals live within shells that grow as they do. As the animal inside grows and expands, it moves forward in its shell, sealing off the last chamber that encompassed it previously. It builds a newer, bigger space in which to live, but uses those old chambers to give it buoyancy and help it float. And that ever-evolving shell is certainly beautiful on the outside, however the inside of the shell is the most luminous and stunning. I found it a perfect metaphor for the changes that we go through in our lives – we grow and expand, making new space for ourselves, putting away the things and beliefs that don't work for us anymore, and using that to help us move forward. And no matter what's happening on the outside as we age, change, and deal with struggles, the essence of who we are at our core remains luminous and sacred.

Lastly, my father, who was truly one of my best friends, worked at the sub base in Groton for over 20 years. He often walked around sporting a sweatshirt with a nautilus shell on it. I now have his sweatshirt and was wearing it the day that I was contemplating all that needed to be done. I was staring in the mirror, wondering how I could tackle these huge changes and what the heck I would call this new place, and the name hit me like a jolt. So, this is my little nod to him too, and the New England shoreline that has been such a place of joy, healing and beauty in my life.

So, welcome to our new space, with our new name. Consider this our newest "chamber". I am so excited to share it with you!


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